Design Philosophy

All day, all surface performance that has been tried, tested and approved by world class gravel grinders and adventure cyclists. The Women's GV500 Reiver Bibshorts deploy Endura's extensive expertise in on- and off-road riding gear and feature Ergonomistry Tech' developed from our work with renowned physiotherapist and ergonomist Phil Burt resulting in a great fitting, high performing pair of bibshorts that are tailored to meet the demands of adventure and gravel riding.


The radical DropSeat™ (DS) function, now with a stretch zip, provides a barely-there riding experience. This is particularly critical for winter riding when you are likely to be layered up and taking a comfort break can be a frustrating challenge. Endura has the perfect solution.

Women’s 800 Series Conform EGM Pad

The Women’s 800 Series Conform EGM Pad employs a taboo busting philosophy to tackle head on the pain and injury often experienced by female cyclists when sitting on a saddle. It has been designed in collaboration with leading physiotherapist and ergonomist Phil Burt's part of Endura’s Ergonomistry™ range. Medical grade elastomer, as used in prosthetics, is used to protect key areas. It is much more effective at dissipating pressure than foam or traditional PU gels, thereby protecting the skin and underlying soft tissue. Game changing comfort is achieved via this novel application where the medical grade elastomer in a liquid form is combined with Endura’s continuous variable profile (CVP) pads creating a seamless interface between elastomer and foam.
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