Design Philosophy
With a goal of creating the ultimate Autumn, Winter AND Spring Hardcore Roadie jacket, the Pro SL 3 Season Jacket is born. The outer shell deploys a mix of high stretch, waterproof membrane fabrics and incorporates a unique venting system, offering adaptable cooling to key areas of the upper body. A separate vest is constructed from Primaloft’s new Evolve fabric in strategically positioned panels provides lightweight insulation in lower temperatures. Eliminate the fear of the varied conditions often experienced on long winter training rides, get out the house and ride all year long!

Venting System
A unique venting system has been designed from the ground up to maximise thermal control on the bike. The long, 2-way front facing zipped vents suck air in, even at low speeds or when the rider is pushing hard and low on the drops. A rear exhaust vent promotes airflow round the body, helping dry and regulate temperature. Finally the wrist vents add further cooling options exposing a highly sensitive part of the body, creating noticeable effect on core body temperature

Primaloft Evolve Insulation
To cover the maximum range of temperatures, this jacket comes with a separate inner gilet which can be worn in colder conditions or for lower intensity rides. Constructed from new Primaloft Evolve fabric the optional lay provides the lightweight insulation of a primaloft fill without the need to be sandwiched between an inner and outer shell fabric with incredible wicking and drying properties.
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